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Slimming World members can get their hands on the new Hifi bar from 21st January Peaky blinder: Give our chocolate raspberry meringue a go.

A chopped-up Dark Choc Honeycomb Hifi bar adds a gorgeous crunch to this tout suite sweet treat! Get the scoop: Give our strawberry and chocolate sundae a go.

These dreamy desserts are available to Slimming World members in their local group or фунчоза на кето диете our app and website.

Click here to discover two great ways to become a member. So a-peeling: Give our Black Forest choc honeycomb banana split a go. Say cheese cake : Give our cherry chocolate cheesecakes a go. Sink your spoon: Give our Dark choc slimming world диета apple crumble tarts a go. Hifi bars are high fibre Slimming World cereal bars that come in lots of different delicious flavours.

Slimming world диета members can buy their bars in group, while Slimming World Online slimming world диета can buy them in the slimming world диета shop. You can pick your favourite from:. Fruit and Nut — vegetarian, gluten-free Choc Orange — vegetarian, gluten-free Peanut Butter — vegetarian, vegan Triple Choc — vegetarian, gluten-free. Thank you for signing up. We just need you to verify your email address.

Please check your inbox for a message from us and click on the verification link so we can keep you up to date with our latest menus, recipes and offers. Look out for emails from us packed full of recipe inspiration. Slimming world диета your unwanted clothes between 14th slimming world диета 27th April to raise money slimming world диета research into cancer — and for the chance to win an amazing prize! A new study shows that learning to cope with setbacks is key to long-term slimming success.

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