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Jump to ratings and reviews. Want to read. Rate this book. Диета для ума. Научный подход к питанию для здоровья и бездрожжевая диета меню. Эксперт в двух дисциплинах — нейробиологии и нутрициологии — рассказывает, как нужно питаться для поддержания максимальной эффективности и здоровья мозга.

Наш мозг, подобно телу, для нормального функционирования нуждается в особой диете. Существует даже специальная наука о питании для мозга — нейронутрициология. Автор этой книги рассказывает о развитии человеческого мышления в ходе эволюции, обращая внимание на то, какую роль в этом играла еда.

Она рассматривает группы питательных веществ вода, белки, жиры, углеводы, витамины и минералыакцентируясь на их пользе или вреде для мозга. Loading interface About the author.

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There were many interesting things in the book, but it lacked scientific research. Most of it felt like her personal opinion. Some of her advice follows. All food must be organic, no GMOs. Cattle must be organic лайза москони диета для ума fed. Chickens must be raised outdoors cage free on organic food. All animals must be antibiotic and hormone free. Some corn is designed to make cattle get fatter faster. Other GMOs are trying to find a better tasting vegetable or one with more vitamins.

Some GMOs are for better resistance to pests or pesticides. Some GMOs are for longer shelf lives. She mentions no research. Salt: Instead of talking about how much salt to consume she says add no more than the tip of a teaspoon for the day. But the starting point is different for people depending on whether they cook or buy prepared foods.

She should talk about milligrams for диета через 2 часа меню day, not a tip of the teaspoon for everyone.

She also recommends avoiding the commonly bought grocery store salt because it has additives. She prefers sea rock salt and pink Himalayan salt due to more minerals and no additives.

But would this be undesirable? Grocery лайза москони диета для ума salt might be the only way many of us get iodine in our diet. She does not discuss iodine. Лайза москони диета для ума She says there is debate over how much water we need. Some experts recommend eight 8-ounce glasses per day. So that is what she recommends. She says purified water is incapable of hydrating the brain, but she has no study or research supporting that statement. Brain neurons: The author made confusing statements about neurons.

Early in book she said neurons are irreplaceable. Later in the book she said neurons continue to grow. And later she лайза москони диета для ума a reduced calory diet promotes growth of new neurons. She said the study by Dr. Fred H. Gage and Peter Eriksson found that the human brain can give rise to new neurons throughout life. This author made no mention of this. Blue Zones: Blue Zones are five regions in the world where people live лайза москони диета для ума be They have the lowest incidence of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and dementia.

I wish the author would have given a complete list of foods consumed in each area. She did not. She mentioned a few foods постная диета на неделю each area.

I did find some of the differences interesting. Italy: fish, olive oil, coffee Icaria, Greece: coffee Okinawa, Japan: fish, green tea, brown rice, soy products Costa Rica: white rice, coffee Loma Linda California: no coffee or tea India: Americans are 8 times more likely to get Altzheimers than Indians.

Although Indians have shorter lives. Some believe that curry spices turmeric and cumin are the reason for the lower rate of Alzheimers. A thought: none of the Blue Zones consume curry. Низкокалорийная диета отзывы pages.

Book Copyright: Genre: Health Nonfiction. We have among the most complex brains among all animals, and also the most demanding as a result. This book is an important one as it brings together current research to recommend how we can eat for better brain performance and safeguard ourselves from dementia in later years. A very small fraction of dementia cases is caused due to the genes and brain health in later years is largely determined by what we eat, and also our lifestyle. Винная диета book covers all aspects holistically though the emphasis is on the diet.

This book has a wealth of information on the impact of fats, sugar, vitamins, лайза москони диета для ума on brain health. It starts off with the benefits of hydration, with plain water being the best filtered of harmful germs but not purified which tends to remove useful mineralswith other options being coconut water, aloe vera juice or green tea. Most of us do not get enough Omega 3 in our diet, the recommended proportion лайза москони диета для ума Omega 6: Omega 3 - Fish apparently is the best source not an option for vegetarians like mewith there being other vegetarian options such as flaxseed, hemp seeds, chia seeds and others.

The foods to avoid лайза москони диета для ума good coverage as well especially trans-fats, sugar, processed food, etc. Glucose is vital for the brain, but processed sugar elevates the risk of diabetes, heart health and is also bad for the brain.

There are, however, various natural ways to obtain the glucose we need. There is brief coverage on other aspects of brain health —exercise, walking, sleep, relationships and other aspects of lifestyle. At the end of the book is a discussion on a few diets across the world which have been found to improve health and promote longevity. There is also a list of healthy brain foods provided as part of the book.

This is an important book to understand how we can modify our diets to improve brain health. While the foods options discussed are largely relevant to the US and the western world, it is quite possible to make suitable modifications to other cuisines as well based on the ingredients discussed.

My rating: 4. I однодневная диета для очищения кишечника лайза москони диета для ума like this book more. Lisa Mosconi has excellent credentials-trained in Neuroscience and Nutrition-that give her the research-backed clout to speak to the kind of food that would make our brain work better. However, while I can get behind her basic recommendations to eat more fish and vegetables because they contain goodies the brain needs to operate its best, there were other claims that I did not see any science behind.

For example, her 1 recommendation is that all produce must be organic and non-GMO to the point that even frozen organic produce is better than fresh non-organic. Mosconi qualifies throughout that any produce is better than none at all, but her continued insistence on the ease and affordability of organic and non-GMO items is wearing by the end of the book. Not only does she not support these claims with evidence, she is alienating a large portion of the population that can see the stark difference in associated cost.

At the end of the лайза москони диета для ума I just found myself annoyed, skeptical, and less willing to follow any recommendations as a result. If you лайза москони диета для ума the recommendations given, I have no doubt you лайза москони диета для ума be healthier лайза москони диета для ума from nothing other than cutting our dairy and sugar.

But, as with all popular science books, all claims should be evaluated on your own terms. Clearly, Mosconi knows what she is talking about! The balance of these two fats should be for optimal neuron communication. She лайза москони диета для ума organically raised food-stuffs. Clearly, we should all pay more attention to keeping our brains healthy.

Highly Recommend. Andrey Pletinka. I have mixed feelings about this one. The quandry is that if someone is chronically ill, diabetic or insulin resistent - this way of eating is not going to help overall. I kept wondering, "Can the brain be healthy if the body and gut biome are not?